• Based on years of experience, Ekinoks Pharmaceutical possesses strong
    expertise in managing the regulatory, logistics and supply chain
    challenges of sourcing, storing and distributing pharmaceuticals
    for clinical trials.

    Welcome to Ekinoks
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  • Our independent team will ensure that all enquiries are
    dealt with personally, efficiently, ethically and through
    our audited supply-chain network. We have access to a
    vast range of modern medicines including generics and
    antibiotics alongside branded, prescription and unlicensed
    pharmaceuticals which we can import or export as required. 

    Importers and Exporters of Shortline
    Wholesale Medication
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International Sales of Pharmaceuticals

Our exportation covers many countries worldwide. With our vast experience, we provide generic and branded pharmaceuticals with competitive service and reasonable prices. With its extensive product range, Ekinoks is also able to respond to the related inquiries of unlicensed, discontinued or orphan drugs.

Clinical Trial Supply

Clinical trial is a difficult but crucial stage for all manufacturers. We take role as your partner at this stage by providing our full service for both sourcing and logistics of the comparator drugs.

Named Patient Supply

The supply of an unlicensed medicinal product in response to a bona fide unsolicited order, formulated in accordance with the specifications of an authorised health-care professional and for use by an individual patient under his direct personal responsibility. For more information on Named Patient Supply, contact us

Our Services

  • Branded Pharmaceuticals
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals
  • Named Patient Supply
  • Clinical Trial Supply
  • Orphan Drug Supply
  • Unlicensed Medicines
  • Shortage Drugs
  • Discontinued Drugs
  • Ambient and Cool Chain Products
  • Vaccines
  • Nutritional Products
  • Over - The - Counter Products
  • Surgical & Dressings
  • Medical Consumer Products

Inspired by the globalization of healthcare

We do what is best for our clients, in order to get full satisfaction and perfection.

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